Repair Services

General Repair Services

Need to replace a bent or broken shaft? Ye Olde Golf Shoppe can repair, rebuild and revitalize even the most traumatized golf clubs. All repairs are performed with the utmost care and craftsmanship. Whether you have steel or graphite shafts or the newest of the new in golf technology,Ye Olde Golf Shoppe is the answer to golf club repair.

Club repairs and regripping will be done in a timely manner.  Most jobs are completed over night.  We do not stock all grips but most can be obtained in a reasonable time.  Please call for pricing.


The grip is your physical link to the golf club. Only a properly fit grip can insure optimal comfort and feel.Choose from a variety of materials, textures and weights to find the grip that feels just right for you. Call the professionals at Ye Olde Golf Shoppe for pricing on a regrip today. A complimentary cleaning is included.

Cost if grips are purchased from Ye Olde Golf Shoppe Per club $2.75
Cost if customer supplied grips Per club $3.75

Re-Shafting of Graphite or Iron Shafts

Due to varying shaft prices, it is difficult to quote prices on re-shafts.  Please call for more information.

Cost is per club, no grip, and shaft not purchased from Ye Olde Golf Shoppe Per club $35.00

Cut Down Shafts

Plus grip and installation Per club $5.00


Shaft Extensions

Plus grip and installation Per club $8.00


Loft and Lie Adjustments

Checking loft and lie and adjusting accordingly to the individual takes about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the number of clubs. Per club $4.75

Re-Epoxy Shafts

Per club $6.50

SmileBring your golf clubs to Ye Olde Golf Shoppe for all your repair needs.  We will have you back on the course in no time.